About the MKTPlace


The MKTPlace

The Agricultural Innovation MKTPlace is an international initiative supported by different partners aiming to link Brazilian, African and Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) experts and institutions to develop cooperative research projects for development.

The Innovation MKTPlace is composed of three basic pillars:

  • A policy dialogue between the main authorities from Africa, LAC and Brazil supporting institutions focused on the development of a mutually agreed framework for collaboration;
  • A forum for capacity strengthening,presentation and discussion of research for development ideas consolidated into research for development projects supported by the MKTPlace;
  • Joint agricultural research for development projects.


The Agricultural Innovation MKTPlace aims to benefit smallholder producers by enabling innovation through collaborative partnerships between Africa, LAC and Brazil.


  • Agriculture is vital to the economies of Africa, LAC and Brazil. Knowledge and technological sharing is facilitated by similarities in culture, climate, ecosystems and agricultural practice;
  • Brazilian agricultural growth and development has been supported by research for development;
  • The role of agriculture in development has been recognized in Africa, LAC and Brazil through initiatives such as the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD).

For further information, please visit www.mktplace.org.