The MKTPlace is a novel and innovative consortium with support from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (B&MGF), The World Bank, DFID, IFAD, ABC, FAO, CIAT, IICA and IDB. The MKTPlace is working to strengthen agricultural innovation in African and LAC countries to increase agricultural productivity and achieve more affordable food for the poor. UC Davis participation in the MKTPlace program will occur in three main areas: faculty participation in research projects, technical assistance with project monitoring and evaluation, and capacity strengthening for program participants. UC Davis faculty, staff and student participation will enhance the scientific rigor of and technical capability available to each project. UC Davis expertise with monitoring and evaluation will assist the MKTPlace to better manage its research portfolio and improve returns on investment. Opportunities for advanced training of project participants will enhance individual projects and strengthen capacity for future work.


MKTPlace partners and researchers in discussion at the 2014 MKTPlace Forum.